Friday, 7 December 2012

Double Braid

This is a relaxed boho-style double braid - very messy but suprisingly easy to re-create if you can master a basic braid. This look will work best on hair that hasn't been washed for a day or so as it will be easier to keep the hair in place with bobby pins.

STEP 1 Make a deep part and separate two sections at the front of your hair (section with butterfly clips or pull to the front of your head to keep separate from the hair at the back)
STEP 2 Separate the back section of your hair into two parts
STEP 3 Twist the first section and secure at the back of your head with a couple of bobby pins
STEP 4&5 Grab the other half, twist and secure at the back of your head with pins
STEP 6 You should now have the back section pinned in a messy 'bun' at the back of your head and be ready to start on the front of your hair
STEP 7 Section the side with the most hair into two pieces (these become your braids)
STEP 8 Braid the section closest to your forehead and pin it into the bun at the back of your head
STEP 9 Braid the second section of hair, again securing into the bun with a pin
STEP 10 Twist the final section of hair on the other side of your head and pin it into the bun at the back
STEP 11 Look at the back and pin any additional fly-aways into place and set with a mist of hairspray
STEP 12 The finished look from the side


  1. Love love love, can't wait to try over the summer! Thx for sharing

  2. WOW love this style, it looks beautiful!! :) XX

  3. Super cute! Love the way this looks! Must give a try this holiday season!

  4. This is actually so pretty, I love how youre done it step by step! My hairs so long, so i really want to recreate this!


  5. This is adorable. I love how chic but easy it is.

  6. Beautiful !
    I have to try it !

  7. Thanks for all the lovely comments, would love to know if you gave it a go and how it turned out!

  8. This is gorgeous. Really hope it works on my length hair!

  9. Love it!! I will be trying this!!!!!

  10. I just tried this on my own hair & posted the picture here:

    It turned out super cute - not as messy as yours (my hair is super fine and also freshly washed today) but I loved how easy this was!

  11. I love this! I tried it out today and loved it. It was so comfortable and kept the hair out of my face! I posted it (link below!) along with my outfit of the day here if you want to check it out! :)

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  12. So beautiful! It's a lot like the infinity twist:

  13. This style is so pretty and easy!!! I shared with my readers here: Thanks for the inspiration!

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