Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Baby Essentials

Sofia is almost six months old - where has the time gone?! Foolishly, I thought I'd have more time at home with a baby, I thought I'd be taking photos and be blogging but I haven't had time, and any time I have had between our feeding/playing/sleeping routine I've found myself cleaning, preparing meals (although most of mine are eaten sitting on the floor) or reading up on things like 'sleep regression', 'starting solids', 'how do you get poop out of carpet' etc. I have LOVED every second of being a mama, it's more than I ever imagined, and I revel in seeing Sofia grow and experience new things.

Six months in and I've also realised where I wasted money (on cutesy, unnecessary things that remain unused) and discovered a number of things that I'd recommend for all new mama-to-bes. These have made our lives much easier in the last few months so I thought I'd share my 'essentials' with you.  Note, we've just started solids so I'll do a separate post on this as Sofia has taken to it like a duck to water.

Ubbi Nappy Caddy
This has been so handy - providing convenience and access to all our nappy supplies in any room in the house. There are two main compartments for nappies, wipes and creams and a draw for smaller items. It also comes with an easy clean change mat. I'd be lost without this.
Ubbi Nappy Caddy RRP $79.95 (currently half price on The Stork Nest).

UPPABaby Cruz Pram
We looked at almost every pram on the market. The Bugaboo is always a popular choice but didn't have a large shopping basket underneath (priorities) so we decided on the UPPABaby which has a huge, easy to access shopping basket underneath. Our next decision was choosing between the VISTA and the CRUZ models. The VISTA is designed for growing families as you can add another seat and the CRUZ is designed just for one baby. Given the struggles we had trying to get pregnant with Sofia, we decided to buy the pram for the baby we were having, not for future babies that may or may not eventuate, so we settled on the slightly more compact CRUZ model which is sturdy, looks great and can navigate over anything. We also bought the bassinet which was great for the first 5 months as she slept in there a lot and it prevented me from feeling housebound.
UPPABaby Cruz Pram
UPPABaby Bassinet
The First Six Weeks - Midwife Cath
This book literally got me prepared, and through, the first six weeks with Sofia. As a first time mum it provided guidance about caring for our new baby, from feeding to sleeping and everything in between. With over 40 years experience, Cath provides a wealth of knowledge into babies, establishing routines and a lifelong loving bond. I read it before Sofia was born and then read each week (it's set out in weeks) as I was going through them and found it really got me through the challenges of the first few weeks. If only Cath could write one for the first 6 years!!
The First Six Weeks by Midwife Cath $29.99

Love to Dream Swaddle UP
Sofia didn't want to be 'traditionally' swaddled with her hands down from birth so we were thrilled to discover the Love to Dream Swaddle UP. They've provided both Sofia and us with a great nights sleep - something all new parents need.  These also make the perfect baby shower gift!
Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original $39.95

White Noise Sound Machine
This goes hand in hand with the Love To Dream SwaddleUP in promoting sleep. It plays white noise that calms and soothes and also drowns out other household noise whilst baby sleeps. This one is great as it's portable so can be taken on holiday or fastened to a pram or car seat.
Marpac Hushh White Noise Sound Machine $31
Stokke Tripp Trapp
I knew without question I wanted the Tripp Trap highchair as I had one as a kid - they grow as your child grows and you can choose a colour to work with your decor (we got white). We also got the additional newborn set so we could bring Sofia to the table at mealtimes from early on. That way she got used to being at the table and it's made her transition to solids much easier.
Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair $329

Baby Bjorn Bouncer
I wasn't sure if we needed one of these at first, so held off a few weeks and then I realised I need to put Sofia somewhere when I was having a shower, going to the toilet or making dinner. Portable and light you can move it around the house so your little one can see you at all times.
Baby Bjorn Bouncer $219

Baby Sleeping Nest
People either love or hate these and there was some controversy about using them as I believe some people use them inside the cot which isn't great for SIDs. We however, just used ours for day naps in the first 4 months or until Sofia's head was touching the top. I kept ours on our lounge room floor and Sofia LOVED sleeping in it, and it meant I could keep an eye on her during the day whilst I went about with my chores.
Cam Cam Baby Nest $159


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