Friday, 31 January 2014

I'm Back

Hello lovelies, or anyone that is still reading since I haven't done a post in over 2 months!! Apologies but I needed a little break from taking my outfit photos, from taking photos of my food before I eat it, from life in general really. I had a minor health scare (all good now) and my father is very ill which has and continues to knock me for six. So I just spent some time close to home doing not too much at all. I don't think I've really spoken of my father's illness as I try to keep it light on here but he has dementia and has no idea who I am anymore. At 63 he's far too young and the sadness of seeing him vanish into dementia has been heartbreaking for me and my family. The loss of love has been unbearable, I was his favourite person, and he mine, we were extremely close and I miss him everyday. I'm often scared I can't remember what he used to be like - his laugh, the sound of his voice, his smell, so I've adored spending time with mum, drinking wine, cooking food I don't photograph (although there has been the odd instagram snap...I can't help myself), crying, laughing and talking about how he used to be. Anyway, I'm back and I promise to post more regularly.

So anyways, above is a photo I used to enter the recent Red Magazine Denim Challenge with the hope to win two pairs of jeans for me and a friend at Selfridges Denim Studio. Was my first foray into boyfriend jeans - wasn't sure how they'd go with my short legs - but my friend pushed me into the purchase and at $39 on sale at Zara I wasn't too concerned if they didn't see light of day.

Zara Top | Zara Boyfriend Jeans | J Crew Everly Heels | Vintage clutch
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