Hello, I’m Carla and I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband, Adrian and daughter, Sofia.

I started this blog a few years back as a creative outlet to share the things I like - recipes, fashion, home inspiration, DIY, mood boards and anything else that took my fancy. I stopped blogging for a year or so when I lost my father as I didn’t have the time, nor the inspiration, however lately, whilst on maternity leave I’ve felt like I’m back in the headspace to start again, so here I am.

So if you’re reading my blog, thank you! I will try to create posts I’d enjoy reading but there may also be lots of daily ramblings. If you’re interested, a little slice of additional information about me:

I like:
Heels, leopard print, fresh flowers, summer, weddings, Paris, still-life paintings, tanned skin, Christmas, dresses, textured fabrics, blue cheese, a negroni (or two), cashmere, ginger jars, tapas, champagne, vintage crystal glasses, dark chocolate, red wine, cushions, chocolate, period homes, lazy Sundays in bed, baking, poached eggs

I don't like:
Rude people, bad manners, scuffed shoes, ill fitting suits on men, terribly fake lash extensions, washing my hair

Favourite Foods?
Cheese, seafood (especially mussels), tapas, chocolate

Favourite thing in my wardrobe?
My vintage dresses and Chanel bags

Favourite places to shop?
I mainly shop online at ASOS, Net-A-Porter and Anthropologie

Favourite Holiday destination?
France, Italy, Greece

Interesting fact about me?
I’m adopted but didn’t find out until I was 31

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