Friday, 22 December 2017

Dressing a Bump

During pregnancy I haven't wanted to waste money on bump-friendly maternity clothes that would only last a couple of weeks (I've preferred to waste money on impractical baby clothes and accessories that will be covered in poop and vomit in no time!). I have however bought a few key pieces that have really got me through.

Topshop Maternity Jeans: Topshop Maternity Jeans are fabulous. I grabbed two pairs - Jamie and Leigh styles - both over the bump and super comfortable. I found my normal size was fine as they have lots of stretch. They looked just like my old jeans that no one know I was even in maternity jeans and some of my friends thought they looked so good that they were even eyeing them up! It will be very hard to go back to normal jeans.

Midi Tube Skirts: Whilst I would never have dreamed to wear a tight tube skirt pre-pregnancy, I have found them perfect for pregnancy as they hit my leg at the thinnest part and hugged in the expanding belly and bum.

Cos Shirts: Cos has become my new best friend. I've found their pieces, even in my pre-pregnancy size, not only flattered a growing bump but I'll be able to wear them once (if) my waistline reappears.

Fancy Flats: Gone are the days of wearing high heels (I still sneak a few in sometimes) and in came the flats. I found a few statement flats really elevated my wardrobe. I have worn my Valentino rock studs to death (and while pricy my cost per wear is right down) but I also wore a lot of ASOS flats that were $28 or less.

Maternity Tees: I have lived in maternity teas that I've simply warn with jeans/trousers (and a fancy pair of flats) or knotted above my bump with a tube skirt. I didn't spend a fortune - ASOS had 3 packs for $30 and they've seen me through 9 months.


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