Friday, 7 June 2013

DIY Flower Pin

A couple of weeks back I made a tulle flower pin. I really want some pom pom flower pins but the shipping to Australia is crazy expensive (more than the four pins I have in my cart) so I decided to make something similar myself. I will buy a few pins but for now this is a cheap DIY alternative that adds a little colour to an outfit. I must also point out that I have absolutely no sewing abilities whatsoever (I can sew buttons on and that's about it) so anyone can do this. To make a tulle flower pin like mine you'll need:

Tulle (I used a 45cm square piece)
Elastic band
Needle and thread
Brooch safety pin

Step 1: Bunch and fold the tulle into a flower shape.

Step 2: Use an elastic band to hold it into shape (you don't have to be too fussy about this as you'll cut the band off later)

Step 3: With a needle and thread, secure your flower from it's centre into your rubber band. Repeat this until it feels secure then snip off the elastic band.

Step 4: Sew on your brooch clip.

Step 5: Trim your flower folds and edges with the scissors to make it fluff up.



  1. I might do this instead of buying a fascinator! At least that way I can match stuff to what I am wearing :)

    1. Great idea! You could easily sew it on to a clip or a headband. I'll try it for spring racing and save myself some cash too!


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