Tuesday, 19 March 2013

February in Instagram

Yes we're more than half way though March but I didn't want to miss a month of Instagram images. I am totally obsessed with Instagram and love looking at everyone's insta-highlights. So, if you're into it too, let me know your profile name and I'll follow you.

Styling my new JCrew bling | My new brows | Banana bread | Baby lips
French pharmacy skin care | The Strand Sydney | Couscous and grilled vegetable salad | Pillow OD
Socks and heels | Movie night snacks | Coach and polka dots | Cherry Ripe for Valentine's Day
Gingham and bling | ace&jig dress | Ribs at Hurricane's | Changeroom snap


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  1. Hi! New follower :) I love Baby Lips, too! Current favorite is Grape Vine- don't let the color scare you, it goes on sheer and doesn't look like purple sharpie! Insta: stxgutfree. Looking forward to following :)


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