Saturday, 7 September 2013

Aqua Skirt

The start of this week saw some really warm weather which meant I could ditch the tights and bare my legs.  Sadly the sunshine only lasted a couple of days but it gave me a taste of things to come. This vintage aqua skirt was a steal on etsy and is a firm favourite which I can't believe hasn't appeared on the blog before now. I buy a fair bit on etsy as I'm partial to a vintage dress but one of my recent purchases from the US has gone missing in the post. Devastated as it contains a vintage YSL pencil skirt which I'm hoping fits as nice as this one. It's been just over a month since it was shipped, so here's hoping it finally arrives this week. Has anyone else had a parcel go missing that eventually turned up? Also, must mention that my hair looks extremely blonde in this photo - it must be the light as it doesn't look this peroxide in person.

Vintage Skirt | Zara Tank | Banana Republic Cardigan | Urban Outfitters Heels | Mulberry Bag 


  1. Post has been really slow of late so fingers crossed...don't know why bc it's not near Xmas but hope you get your skirt soon!

  2. great outfit dear!

    following you now, follow me back maybe?

  3. Your hair looks lovely BTW, are those waves using your wand or surf spray? Keeping fingers crossed for your YSL skirt, it sounds gorg! There have been public holidays in the states, so maybe that is why. Sherrie x

    1. Thanks! This is actually a combo of the wand and surf spray. I sprayed the surf spray on wet hair and let it dry naturally, then used the wand on a few pieces before using a little more surf scrunching. My parcel still hasn't shown up :(

    2. Good tip - thank you! Oh no, still no parcel ... that is rubbish :(

  4. you have a great style. I like this skirt color.

    thank you for your comment, would you like to follow each other (GFC, Bloglovin and FB)? Let me know.

    From province

  5. Grrrr hate missing post! It's weird how it can take days sometimes and weeks at others to get mail from the USA. Hope you get it xxx

  6. that skirt is AWESOME! the color is perfectly vibrant!

    dash dot dotty


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