Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Carry-on Essentials

A well-stocked carry-on not only helps make a long haul flight bearable but it also assists in freshening up before landing. This is what I'm taking...

1. Tote or Handbag Roomy enough to hold all your carry-on goodies. This Longchamps one is great as it folds right down.
2. Passport You can’t go anywhere without it!
3. iPad/iPhone To browse the net, watch moves, read, play games etc. And don’t forget earphones so you can listen to music and give yourself a break from the crying babies
4. Lollies I always pack some lollies, not only for my sweet tooth but to prevent my ears popping on take-off and landing
5. Magazines & Books New glossies or a novel will help pass the time
6. Cardigan or Jacket It’s always freezing on the plane so keep chills at bay with something you can layer. Also great if you're going to/from a different climate.
7. Cleansing Wipes Even if you’re not wearing make-up, these are great for cleaning your face and freshening up before landing.
8. Moisturiser Planes dry you out. Keep ultra hydrated with a good moisturiser. I lather it on as soon as I’ve cleansed my face.
9. Lip Balm Keep you lips moist with a good lip balm
10. Toothbrush & Toothpaste Nothing beats fresh breath during the flight and right before landing
11. Sunglasses – To glam up and/or cover up puffy tired eyes
12. Eye Mask Allow you to sleep at any time throughout the flight
13. Underwear I always take a spare pair just in case my bag is lost/delayed (it’s happened to me before!)



  1. It's like I'm looking into my own bag Carla! Even the same sunnies! haha

  2. it´s great and very smart, love this blog.


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